Fayette County High School

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The WTGR student broadcasting program focuses on creative storytelling through digital or video media for our target audiences. The WTGR student broadcasting network's target audiences are the students, staff and stakeholders of Fayette County High School. WTGR produces a daily morning news show called "The Morning Roar". Students are challenged to introduce new segments monthly and the WTGR staff hopes to leave a legacy that began in August of 2014 for other Fayette County High School students to continue for years to come. This website is dedicated to serving as the vehicle for publishing special student-created segments, "The Morning Roar", and special live events. If you are interested in donating to the program, please contact James Trask, the WTGR program director. Also don't forget to follow us on Twitter @morning_roar.

Beginning of WTGR 2014






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