41st Annual South Glens Falls Marathon Dance

March 2nd 5:00pm thru March 3rd 11:00pm

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Start Time: Friday, March 02 | 05:00 AM ET

SHMD Schedule

Friday March 2nd

5:15 pm Public Shuttle Busses Begin Running

5:30 pm Old Gym open for sales, New Gym open for seating

7:00 pm Dance Begins

8:30 pm Alumni Meeting - Auditorium

9:15 pm Change for Costume Party ~ "Childhood Fear"

9:30 pm Costume Party Begins

10:15 pm Costume Party Winners Announced

10:25 pm Dancers Return to Rooms to Change

10:30 pm Building Secure – All non-mandatory personnel leave – Jr/Sr Snack Break, Frsh/Soph return to Gym

11:00 pm Public Shuttle Busses End

11:15 pm Freshmen & Sophomore Snack Break, Juniors & Seniors return to gym

Saturday March 3rd

12:00 am All students return to rooms for attendance – Students change for Neon Power Hour 1

2:30 am Resume Dancing

1:00 am Golden Ticket Winners Announced

2:00 am Mr. Myott’s Variety Show

3:00 am Neon Power Hour

4:00 am Sleep Break

5:30 am Breakfast begins being served

6:15 am Breakfast wake-up call

7:00 am Resume Dancing - Public allowed back in building – Shuttle Busses Resume

7:45 am Language Dance Classes

8:00 am Middle School Basket Raffle Winners Dances

9:00 am Middle School Leaves - Change for Costume Party ~ “Best Caveman Family”

9:30 am Costume Party Begins

10:15 am Costume Party Winners Announced

10:30 am Change Break for All Dancers

10:45 am Resume Dancing - 5th Graders Dance

11:45 am 5th Graders Leave Dance

12:00 pm Juniors & Seniors Lunch Break

12:45 pm Juniors & Seniors return to gym - Freshmen & Sophomore lunch break

1:00 pm Swing Dancers

1:30 pm Change for Costume Party ~ "Adulting 101" (Fresh/Soph complete lunch break)

1:45 pm Costume Party Begins

2:30 pm Costume Party Winners Announced

2:45 pm Dancer change break

3:00 pm All dancers return to gym; Recognition: Prizes, Awards, Plaques, and Check Presentations

4:00 pm Juniors & Seniors Pack Up and then Dinner Break (Dancer shirts on)

4:45 pm Freshmen & Sophomores Pack Up and then Dinner Break (Dancer shirts on) Jr/Sr return to gym

5:00 pm Silent Auction Concludes 5:30 pm Freshmen & Sophomores return to gym

6:00 pm Live Auction, 50/50 and Raffle Winners Announced

6:45 pm Sales in old gym and concession stand conclude

7:00 pm Bags may be picked up by parents 7:30 pm

10:30 pm Awards & Total Dance Ends

11:00 pm Shuttle Busses Stop Running