Adam Weston-The Current

Tech Manager, Website Manager, File Uploader, Wirecast


Theo Balestra-King of Closet, The Current, Leadership

Tech, Academics, Wirecast, Tricaster, Lights, Stream Set-Up, Camera, Audio, Editor


Kyla Kirshner-The Current

Special Events Coordinator, Script Writer, Event Producer, Field Host


Chris King-King of the Closet

Writer, Mobile Event Coordinator, Host


Sam Slavkin-King of the Closet, The Current, Grubworthy

Producer, Director, Writer, Mobile Manager, Editor


Spencer Rawnsley-King of the Closet, The Current, Leadership

Post Production Manager, Graphics, Cameraman, Drone Manager


Phil Konis-King of the Closet, The Current, Grubworthy

Sports Manager, Audio, Stream Set-Up, Camera and Tricaster


Trevor Scholl-King of the Closet, Grubworthy, Artribe

Grubworthy Producer, Lighting Manager


Erin McMahon-Talkshow

Live Stream Manager, Wirecast, Tricaster


Azwani Monroe-King of the Closet, The Current, Grubworthy, Leadership

Full-Time Graphics
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Jennifer Losch-The Current, Leadership

Post Production Manager, Leadership Show Producer


Gracie Ramsey

Studio Manager, Head of PR


Kayla Rafie-Leadership

Sports Manager, Pali Production Facebook


Lilly von Ruden-The Current

The Current Producer, Editor, TedX Event Coordinator, Filmer


Lily Kaplan-The Current

Producer, Field Host, Pali Production Instagram


Max Tenenbaum- King of the Closet, Grubworthy, Leadership

Editor, Audio, Tech


Kian Farahdel-King of Closet, Leadership

Sports Manager, Wirecast


Ariya Vahdani-The Current, Leadership

Assistant Stream Manager, Assistant Studio Manager


Whitney Neumann-The Current, Leadership

Academics Manager, The Current Host, Camera


Kaveh Majd-Current, Grubworthy

Academics Manager, Field Host, Grubworthy Writer


Mia Zeidler-Artribe

Artribe Tv, Filmer, Scriptwriter, King of the Closet, Graphics, Set Design


September Schultz-Leadership

Pali Production Facebook


Lev Bure-King of the Closet, The Current

Head of Communications, Field Host


Danielle Wagner-The Current

Field Host, Writer, Creative Mind


Kaylee Chung-Leadership

Producer, Palisades Charter High Facebook Co-Writer, Co-Public Relations Manager


Alec Fopeano-Grubworthy

Sports Manager, Little Minion


Kayla Feller-Leadership

Communications, Back-Up Host