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Beauty Standards

Schae Morton

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, a quote that has been said a million times by a million different people. Usually beauty is what we as a society base our first looks on, when you look at a person for the first time their appearance is how you make your assumptions about people. Assumptions are never good to make of someone and are usually wrong. Beauty isnt everything and nor will it ever be, but sometimes we just have to ask "What really is beautiful?".

At shaw highschool there are thousands of different faces and though some people are judged as being either ugly or pretty its not fair to say that about people. Beauty standards go back for years, when women were only beautiful when they were pale and were heavier than others. Beauty standards for men are especially hard for them, some say that male beauty standards are annoying to listen to and abide by. Sometimes we forget that beauty standards effect everyone no matter what, it’s the reason we have large numbers of girls with anorexia and boys with self esteem issues. Womens beauty standards have changed tremendously over the last few centuries, the things we wanted in women 100 years ago differ greatly from what we want and expect now.

Nobody can really say who is ugly and who is pretty, everything is subjective. We look at models like Gigi Hadid and actors like Brad Pitt and sometimes base our self image off of what others look like. Whether we have big lips or small lips, if we have a different eye color than everyone else shouldn’t be the basis of what is beautiful but it unfortuantly is. Our society has to work harder as a community to correct the unjustuce that is our beauty standards