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Fall Favorites at Shaw

Kiera Moore

Fall is here, and our Raiders are excited! This time of the year is the favorite season for many of our Raiders for many reasons. What may these reasons be? Four students were interviewed and asked what do they like about fall, what are some things they do during the fall, and what is their most favorite thing about fall. Here's what they had to say.

When asked what does she like about fall, Jakima Glover answered, "I like how it's not hot anymore and you can finally do fall activities." Her favorite things to do during fall is drinking hot cocoa, ice skating, and trick or treating. "I'm a big kid when it comes to those things," she added. Lastly, when asked what her most favorite thing is about the fall, Glover answered, "I love that I get to wear warm, fall clothes."

The second student that was interviewed is Kevin Maben. When asked what he likes about fall, he answered, "What I like about fall is the chill weather and the startup of football season." Some things Maben likes to do during the fall is play football, relax, watch TV, and go for long walks outside because it "feels nice". Lastly, when asked what his most favorite thing is about the fall, Maben answered, "My most favorite thing about fall is being able to play and watch football."

The last student that was interviewed is Demetria Jordan. Jordan enjoys looking at the different color leaves and wearing boots during the fall. "I like to stay home and get under a warm blanket and watch movies all day", Jordan added. When asked what her favorite thing is about the fall, Jordan answered, "My most favorite thing about the fall is the cold because it gives me a reason to wear big coats."

Fall is a fun time for many of our Raiders. What do you enjoy about the fall?