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Thanksgiving Day

Marle' Lassai

During the holiday Thanksgiving there are plenty of different things to do and eat. Different people of different races do different things. The normal meal most people eat are things like turkey, dressing, and ham. After eating, some families may go outside and play flag football or they may sit in the house and watch television.

Joseph Lassai, senior at Shaw high school, says, leading up to Thanksgiving Day his family all come together and help make thanksgiving dinner. The day of Thanksgiving he says that his family eats then they sit in the living room and watch all the movies of James Bond. Lassai says, “it’s fun because we do it every year even if we already watched them the year before". He says it’s a traditional thing that they do. He says it’s like a family time bond that they have together.

Haley Smith, junior at Shaw high school, says her family doesn't cook the same food every year. Smith says that they do something different every year. "Last year we did barbecue food and different desserts, this year we are probably going to do jerk chicken with some Jamaican food for sides”, says Smith. She said they are very different from the average people on Thanksgiving. After they eat she stated that they chill then go outside to play kickball with the other families in the neighborhood.

Chris Gouch, freshman at Shaw high school, says a few years back his mom used to cook all the food and have friends and family come over and eat. Now his family doesn’t cook all the food. Gouch says, “All of my family and friends come together and everyone that comes has to bring something”. He says he enjoys it this way because some people bring his favorite food and some people bring unique and different things that he has never tried.

You and your family may have different things you do and eat on Thanksgiving. It’s always good to break the traditional thing and try something new.