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Staying fit for the Holidays

Amy Niece

            During the holidays, some people don’t think that much about going to the gym while others do. Especially during the fall season with Thanksgiving and Halloween. Halloween will leave someone with a sweet tooth as Thanksgiving leaves a full belly. You would expect to see the gym crowded and packed with people eager to get their workout over with after eating all of that food.

            A couple of students agreed that working out in the fall is very important. Kevin Jackson, sophomore, stated, “it’s important to stay fit in the fall that way you can keep yourself fit for the winter and basically all year long.” Jackson also stated that he works out by doing sit ups, burpees, squats, and any other exercise that he feels comfortable doing. Of course there are many other things people can do to stay fit. Austin Garcia, freshman, works out by doing a couple of pull ups, jogging once a day, and lifts a few weights here and there. Garcia is also on the swim team, so he gets double the workout from swim practice.

             You doesn’t necessarily have to be on a sports team to get a work out done. Eli Reinhard, junior, is not on a sports team and he works out on a daily basis. Reinhard has stated that many people ask him if he works out, and his response is always, “yes, I do. I want to keep my routine going and continue to maintain a healthy body.” Jackson and Garcia agree with Reinhard with maintaining a healthy body. All three of them want to make sure their body isn't just healthy for the fall, so they will do whatever they can to keep it that way.

There are many ways to workout, whether it be at home or at the local gym. And everyone gets creative in their own way with their workout routines. You shouldn’t just workout during the fall season, it's all year long. Staying fit all year long will give one a higher chance of keeping a healthy body, and maintaining that "perfect" figure. It will also show other how others how creative someone can be.