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By: Joshua Lumpkin

            Seniors! It is the year that you have been waiting for. You have been counting down the days to actually be able to call yourselves, “seniors”. When it is all said and done, you will then be alumni of Shaw High School. On the other hand, do not get side-tracked, lazy, or what we all know as, “senioritis”. Many senior students have fallen into that itis over the years and have messed up their future for college. Don’t be those students. Keep pushing and do not let up just because it’s your last year. Stay on the path of success so you will be able to walk across that stage at the Columbus Civic Center with your diploma in your hand. I interviewed some Shaw seniors to get their views on plans going towards graduation.

            Temia Hill, a senior student at Shaw, says that she is looking forward to graduation, but is still focusing on keeping her grades up and maintaining her good GPA. “I told myself that I will finish my high school years on a strong note and not slack off because colleges look at things like that”, she says, “ I encourage others to do the same and not get lazy because high school is not over.” Temia says that she is looking to attend Georgia Southern University and major in athletic training. “I enjoy helping others.” “Plus, I have a well-rounded athletic background so doing this would be great.”

            Another senior, TJ Harvey, plays football for Shaw and just got a full ride scholarship to The University of Southern Mississippi as their long snapper, but as Harvey would say it, “Upside down quarterback.” “I felt really blessed to receive this offer because I thought I wasn’t going to get this far for what I do”, he says, “So for me to be the first on my team to receive an offer really means a lot.” TJ says that his drive to keeping pushing throughout the year is having that offer and my family. “Ever since I got the offer, it just made me want to work even harder.” “Also, I do it for my family because without them, I don’t know where I would be and just seeing their faces when I walk across that stage will make this long journey feel even better.” When I asked Harvey what would he say to his senior classmates, he said to not quit when you came this far. “Don’t give up now, our high school lives are almost over but you also have to prepare for life after high school.” “By doing that, you have to keep your grades up and stay focused.”

            This is the final ride for you seniors, and I know you guys would want to go out on a good note. So, why stop now? You fought the toughest battles when you finished your junior year, now you just got to put the finishing touches on your plans and countdown to when you get that diploma. Mikayla Mosely, senior student, is looking forward to the day of graduation but knows that high school isn’t over just yet. “I know that school for me is almost done but I still want to continue to strive and do well in my classes so I want jeopardize my future.” Mosely plans to attend Florida A&M next fall and is looking forward to it. “Going to this school would be a lifelong dream for me so that’s why I continue to do my best and finish the year off strong.”

            Lastly, to all the seniors of Shaw High School, find something that will make you push yourself to finish what you have started. You didn’t come this far just to relax and get lazy now. Don’t fall into that, “Senioritis.”  Strive for better and do great things.