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Halloween Preparation

Matt Olson


            A day of frights, candy and spooky costumes is what some classify as Halloween. Can you remember all  the Halloweens you’ve attended? What made them so memorable? “I remember as a kid this one guy opened his house to everyone for a haunted house, gave them a scare to walk through and at the end you got a book. I thought that was really cool,” said Halloween enthusiast Taylor Kinkade. Haunted houses have always been a big attraction to children who attend in Halloween activities, one particular house is in the Heritage neighborhood. Kinkade holds a haunted house every year that is a huge draw in from children all over Columbus. When asking Kinkade what she’s done to prepare she responded, “A ton, it has taken me five years of collecting, a solid month to set it all up. Every year I have a budget to how much I can spend on my props, last year I didn’t spend too much so I could go all out this year.” When asking what high schoolers enjoy to do on Halloween, one particular answer has been brought up, “Popes Haunted Farm really got me into the Halloween spirit,” said by Junior Serena Hacking. Popes Haunted Farm, located in Salem Alabama draws in a more older crowd for a bigger fright, they offer a haunted hayride, haunted barn and a haunted forest walkthrough. Senior Carla Narvaez enjoys a more laid back holiday, “I like Halloween because my mom and I make different dishes to feed neighbors and friends like spooky cookies, pies and popcorn balls,” lots of families have their own traditions, “I spend a weekend out of October to decorate for Halloween with my family,” explained by Hacking. As the day of fright creeps around the excitement also raises, the decorators finish up their frightening props and decorations and families get their halloween costumes ready to go.