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Cold Weather, Sweaters, and Eager People


By: Chanel Williams


          Fall, the season of chili weather, pumpkin spice, and long sleeved clothes. It’s the time for holiday fun and family gatherings. It’s the time to create memories with people, and to embrace one another in love and warmth. The fall season is always such a thrill, but why is it so? How come people get so excited over the last three months of the year? What makes it so special? Why is it important? The shift in season and people’s attitude are changing, and while many are adjusting to the cold weather, others are preparing for their holiday arrangements.

          During this time of year, many call this season The Season of Change. Some remark that this is the time when people start to experience change in their environment and the people around them. Ms. Barrier, the Economics teacher, agrees with the “Season of Change” “During [The Season of Change] many people start to act different whether it is good or bad,” said Barrier “and many start to notice the change in people’s attitude and the change in themselves and they start to grow from that and learn a little bit more from that.” Barrier has been a teacher at Shaw for a while, and has picked up on the changes in the students and how they act. “Of course the students are going to grow up eventually, but it’s usually around this time.” Noticing the change in people whether it is good or bad, is quite the experience, but it’s worth taking note of.

          Throughout the fall season, many people enjoy the chill weather, but most people enjoy the warm, homebound food. Chelsea Reese, a sophomore at Shaw, enjoys the comforts of her home and the taste of her family’s home cooking. “The main reason why I get excited about the last three months of the year is the food,” said Reese “I enjoy the food that my mama makes and the happiness that it brings when everyone gathers around the table to eat it.” Reese isn’t the only one that feels that way about the end of the year season. Javian Ceasar, a senior at Shaw, also believes that food is the best thing about the end of the year. “The food is the best part about the end of the year.” said Ceasar “All the delicious home cooked meals that your family makes is what makes it worth wild, and the feeling you get once you are full is amazing.” Food is to be told one of the most comforting things that bring people together, and it always puts a smile on people’s faces when they eat.

          Holidays are approaching, and the season has walked into our lives with open arms. People have already welcomed the season, and adjusted to its arrival. It’s time to get ready for the change and get ready for the unexpected bringing’s that the fall will give us.