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10 Fun Things to Do During This Season

     This article is going to give you 10 more fun things to do while in this season. There are a lot of different things to do besides eating and sleeping in this cold season.

1.    Go for a hike.

 This is something new to do during this time. Get rid of your fear of heights and get some of the nature’s great air.

2.    Go exercising.

This is the best time to exercise. When it is cold outside, you won’t sweat as much as you would during the summer. Also, doing outside chores like raking leaves is work that will help lose calories. “Being that you are going to eat, you should make room for the extra food”, Jadaisha Longchallon.

3.    Watch some College Football.         

 “Tis the season to watch football”. Go ahead get with your friends to watch your team play. Get ready for the playoffs and then The Southeastern Conference.

4.    Build a bonfire.

Gather some up some wood and light it up. Get with some of your friends and make some s’mores. Enjoy the crispy, fall air with your friends. 

5.    Shop for Christmas early.

 Try not to be the one who gets last minute Christmas presents for your family and friends. Get it soon as you can while you are not busy and catch it on sale.

6.    Decorate for the holidays.

 Show your holiday spirit by decorating your house. Nothing shows more spirit than spending money on the inside and outside of your house for every holiday that passes. “It has always been a family tradition to decorate for the holidays after Thanksgiving”, says Joy Hood. It always nice to have family time.

7.    Clean up your house.

What better way to start the season off with a clean house, so that your house is ready to be decorated. Mop the floors, dust off the chimney, and light some candles.  Enjoy the holidays in your clean home.

8.     Get a movie, popcorn, and coffee.

Pick out a new movie or series on Netflix, make a giant bucket of buttery popcorn, and then order or make your favorite coffee.

9.    Go on a Vacation.     

 During this season you may not like cold so go someplace where it is warm or the temperature you prefer. “Vacationing during the fall is fun, my family went up north for Christmas and it was snowing”, said Kyle YoungBlood.

10.    Visit a Pumpkin patch.

Pick out a unique pumpkin in a pumpkin patch. Take it home and carve it. Post it on your social to brag and put it outside your house so the neighborhood can see.


It’s the season of the holidays that you spend with your family and friends. It’s a good time to get closer to them before it’s too late and appreciate what you have that other people would want. Try doing something different this year with your family. Remember that time taken for granted is time wasted.