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Things to do on Halloween (Besides Trick-Or-Treat)

By Shelby Do


            So you’ve decided to retire the Halloween costume. We’re here for you. However, giving up the trick-or-treat tradition doesn’t mean you have to give up the entire holiday. Here are seven things to do on Halloween- besides trick or treating.

1.      Throw a costume party

When you and all your friends have decided it’s no longer socially acceptable to dress up and trick or treat, you can throw a costume party! Don’t let your creativity go to waste. Buy some Halloween-themed snacks and huddle up to watch a scary movie.

2.      Binge-watch Netflix series

A Halloween costume isn’t a requirement. Stay in your pajamas and get cozy in your couch while watching shows like Stanger Things or American Horror Story. Sophomore Laikyn Perry recommends the Netflix original series, “Black Mirror”.

3.      Visit a haunted attraction

There are plenty of well-known haunted attractions near Columbus- such as Judgement Journey or Pope’s Haunted Farm. For those who don’t get scared easily, visit Crybaby Bridge or the nearest sewer.

4.      Play with a Ouija board

Gather a group of your friends and play with a Ouija board. When would be a better time than Halloween to get in contact with the other side? But don’t forget to shut the door of communication. We’ve all seen Insidious. “I wouldn’t ever put myself in that situation,” warns junior Brandon Murphy. “That is a set-up for failure.”

5.      Carve pumpkins

For the artistic crowd, carving pumpkins is definitely the way to go. Scooping pumpkin guts with your friends is a great way to get a good laugh. However, it requires more elbow grease than the rest of these activities. “I like to save the pumpkin seeds and toast them, they taste so good,” says junior Wesley Johnson. Johnson recommends coating the seeds in olive oil, salt and pepper.

6.      Be the candy distributer

If you’re spending Halloween indoors, it wouldn’t hurt to pass out candy to the little kids who knock on your door. Every house has a designated candy distributer. You can be the cool house that lets kids pick their own candies. Senior Jessica Nguyen does this each year. “It’s so cute to see kids dressed up,” she says. “It makes me reminisce.”

7.      Have a Halloween bonfire

Have a bonfire with your friends where you guys sit outside alongside the fire and tell ghost stories to each other until one of you feel like there’s someone in the woods watching you. And don’t forget the s’mores!