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The Scariest Movie at Shaw high School

By: Schae Morton

Halloween is a festive season filled with scary costumes, pumpkin carving, scaring people, free candy, and scary movies. Shaw high school the students really get into the season and horror movies are the best way to fully emerge one’s self in the Halloween spirit. From the Jigsaw series to The Birds they all evoke an emotion in the watchers that they love. Halloween gets people in the mood to watch scary movies that keep them up all night hoping that a random sound isn’t a villain or monster like from the movie.

Elijah Outlaw, a ninth grader at Shaw, says that the scariest horror movie that he has ever seen is Don’t Breath due to the jump scares. Outlaw enjoys being scared and that his favorite horror movie is Scream. Though Outlaw is not influenced by horror movies, he still enjoys watching them. Annabell, The Blaire Witch Project, Twenty- Eight Days Later and other nail biting movies filled the room. But one question still needs to be asked: What is the scariest horror movie ever made?

            To fully answer this question one must ask their self: What makes a good horror movie. Some say the suspense, some say the psychological factor that the director put into the movie. Angela “Pearl” Domier, an eleventh grade horror movie fanatic at Shaw, says that the scariest movies have fear in them, the movies that really stick with people have an element of fear laced in the plot. Makenzi Salewski, a ninth grader at Shaw, doesn’t watch horror movies often but one of the scariest that she has seen is Annabell, “The jump scares are the worst part, I never know when they will happen and they really freak me out”.

When asked “What is the scariest horror movie ever made?” there was one movie that everyone truly agreed on: IT. In 2017, a Stephen King movie called “IT” came out, everyone rushed to the theatre seats and hoped that the movie would be as good as the ones before. Some said that the clown was the scariest part, but one answer in particular stuck out. “The fact that it plays on someone’s biggest fear is the scariest part, because fear is the one thing that people have control over you and you can’t escape it being scared is what we all have in common.” Says Mooni Briggs. Horror movies can stick with you and make you think that maybe some of the things shown in the movie could really happen. Movies like “The Purge” makes you ask yourself if for 12 hours every crime would become legal what would actually happen. But after extensive research most studies show that The Exorcist is the scariest movie ever made.

Halloween is the time of all things scary and the movies should follow suit. Being scared in a movie theatre is the fun part of the season along with the free candy. One can not answer truly what is the scariest horror movie ever made because until time ends new horror movies will come and top the old ones. But one thing is for sure, at Shaw highschool the scariest horror movie is IT.