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People's Biggest Fears

Marle' Lassai

What is your biggest fear? What little thing can possibly keep you from doing things that you want? Everyone has a fear. Adults, babies, even grandparents. You might get over this fear or you might hold on to it for the rest of your life. This fear may affect the way you live your life and act around people. For example, what if you were afraid of deep waters? You may never go to the beach because you're afraid of the ocean. Your child hood can affect the way you feel about your fears.

Precious Crosby, a 15-year-old girl, told me her biggest fear was lamas. When she told me this I laughed in disbelief. When she told me the reason why, I laughed even harder. The reason she is afraid of lamas is because, when she was 10 years old she went to the zoo to feed a lama and the lama jumped over the fence and chased her around. Crosby says, "even though it doesn’t affect my life, I can never get over that memory, and ever since then I will always be afraid of a lama”. Ever since then Crosby never wants to face a lama. Her childhood experience with lamas affected her to where she is afraid of them.

Imani Pierra, a 20 year old, said her biggest fear was losing anyone close to her again. Pierra says this fear has just came about these last two years. She lost her friend in a bad situation with a car accident. She says, “We were really close and he was special to me,” Also in the same year, she lost one of her best friends to a bad relationship. Pierra states,” I don’t want to lose anybody else because too many people are passing away”. Even things like passing of a loved one can bring fear to people.

Hope Smith, a 40-year-old woman told me her biggest fear was living in Florida. Smith says that she grew up in Florida until she moved to Columbus when she was 36. "Florida has the worst weather I will never move there", Smith says. She said she goes and visits her family that’s still there but she will never move back there again because of the weather.

It may be the funniest thing like being chased by a lama, or it can be something tragic like losing your closest friend. Everyone has a fear that they can or cannot get over.