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Girls and Guns

By: Hannah London

In today's world women are getting into things like bodybuilding, and strength sports like powerlifting and strongman. It seems like people have an issue with girls looking strong, or even just simply being strong. It is perceived as if you lift heavy you're going to "look like a man" when that isn't true. Lifting heavy does not lead to you "looking like a man" it empowers women, and makes them break the standards for women in today's society.

Women receive lots of negative outlooks but there are also a lot of positives to bodybuilding, and strength sports. Physique competitor Ashley Bader says "A positive is that we are being noticed and its motivation for young girls and teaches them a healthy life style change". Along with the sport brings healthy eating and of course exercise which will become a lifelong habit for many women involved in it. As for negatives there are plenty boys or so called "men" have an issue with a girl being stronger than them and think it's "unnatural" when really if they knew what hard work and dedication was they would be strong like women too.

Many women around the world are involved in bodybuilding. Bodybuilding breaks down to bikini, figure, physique, and of course bodybuilding itself. You are judged for how your body looks, the amount of muscle and leanness. It takes a whole lot of hard work in and outside of the gym. You wonder how women get into this, well physique competitor Ashley Bader says "it takes a lot of discipline, I did it for myself to prove my discipline and its helped me out in life and everything else I do". It's a long journey full of cardio, meal prepping, and lifting... all to still receive negativity towards women doing it.


"Women want to know that they are capable of achieving great things" says IFBB and USS Pro Mary Rae Cain about women being involved in strength sports like powerlifting, strongman, etc. That is what it is all about, seeing what the female body is capable of doing. It's about seeing what you can overcome physically and mentally.