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The Abstract Movement



By: Monique Marshall

Between school, part time jobs and extracurricular activities, there really isn't time for much more in the average life of a high school student. According to, an online magazine publication based in Boston Massachusetts, the percentage of millennials who own businesses has drastically dropped over the past 40 years. But some students at Shaw like to prove this statistic wrong. In between their daily activities they make time for their own entrepreneurship. To some this may seem impossible but to others with extreme dedication, motivation and creativity this is a simple as 1-2-3.


In this day and age of modern technology, a lot of students are utilizing this technology to inspire creativity, promote their own businesses and encourage other fellow entrepreneurs. Shaw High senior, Josh Roberson, is fairly experienced in the use of new technology to promote and create his business. Roberson uses social media platforms like Instagram to promote his small label. Roberson’s small label known as Abstract Movement is an internet-based company. He made it official in the summer of 2017 by signing an LLC. The LLC recognizes Abstract Movement as a business underneath the law. “When I signed it to be honest I almost cried,” said Roberson about obtaining his LLC over the summer. This makes him the legal CEO of his own business. “If I own a business now imagine what I can accomplish before the age of 40,” he went on to say.


With taking such a big step in his life the support from his friends and family really surprised him and encouraged him to keep going. The amount of love and support he has received has helped create a small team of “people very passionate about music like me”, says Roberson, that work with him and create music. After his Label Company Abstract Movement gained attention, many individuals and groups of people throughout Columbus decided to reach out to him. They gave him unconditional support and even offered to collaborate. Even though technically he has no one signed to his label yet he has a long list of local Columbus artists who are interested in Abstract Movement.

To Roberson this is more than just a quick money-making idea that took off. To Robertson this means, “Freedom of music, Utopia of producer.” Abstract Movement is more than just music, it is a platform in which artist of all kinds can express themselves freely. Abstract means whatever you want it to be, and movement means no boundaries. To Roberson this means diversity without boundaries. All it took was a simple idea, passion and a little bit of time and energy to turn this ordinary 17 year old high school student into the CEO of his own business.


 Abstract Movement is,” not music but entertainment.” As Roberson prepares for the next chapter in his life, College, he has confidence that is company would not only be successful but expand worldwide. Just imagine how successful and productive this generation of Millennials would be if we all took the time to turn our passions and dreams into reality. Roberson is a prime example of what it means to be a true student entrepreneur. There are many more students just like Roberson walking around Shaw High School. We as a school should encourage and support fellow students who are pursuing their own business. As his story inspires us we can only hope to have more successful student entrepreneurs and encourage other students to take a risk.