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Things to watch on Netflix

By: Joshua Lumpkin

          As we are going deeper into the 1st semester, and work is getting a little more difficult and frustrating, we as students have to find something else to do to help us wine ourselves down from all that work. In order to do that, what else is better than going on Netflix? Netflix is one of the most famous apps in the world. It is the source for all of your favorite movies and television shows for all genres.

            Many students have their own playlist of what to watch in their spare time. Temia Hill, a Shaw high student, says that she enjoys being on Netflix. “It is a fun way to calm yourself down from all the stress from completing assignments”, she said, “Netflix is always there as well when you don’t have anything to watch on cable television.” When I asked her what are her favorite things to watch, she replied saying, “I love to watch “Baby Daddy”, and Boondocks.” “Both of the shows are very funny and I would recommend it to anyone looking to find new shows.”

            Nick Hallett, another fellow raider, also uses the famous app and believe that it is one of the best ideas known to man. “Netflix is always the way to go for me”, he said, “I don’t have cable so Netflix is what I use in my spare time.” Hallett loves to watch law shows like, “Law & Order”, and “Criminal Minds”. “I find watching law enforcement shows interesting because it deals with reality even though the episodes are fictional stories.”

            A lot of students love to use this app during their down time because u can never go wrong with it. Amari Lard, a junior raider, likes to spend time on Netflix as much as any other. “I like to watch Netflix on my down time”, she says, “I tend to always find new things to watch and it is incredible.” One of her favorite TV series is a Netflix original, “13 Reasons Why”. “This series caught my eye the minute I watched the trailer”, she said, “I love the suspense that it came with and the story that was told.” “If you are a student, I would highly suggest you watching this amazing show.”

            In conclusion, whenever you come to find yourself with nothing to do, pop some popcorn, find your favorite blanket, and find out what’s new to watch on Netflix. There is always something new popping up on the app and it has movies and TV shows for the whole family.