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Phone Hacks

By Marquise Jones

  There are many apps that can help us with everyday task at school. We don’t realize gwe have technology that we can use for more than getting on social media or texting. Our tiny computers in our pocket can do a lot of things. Below you can find apps that can help you with school assignment or keep you updated.

1.      Microsoft Word is just like Microsoft Word on your computer. You can write any paper on it. At this very moment to write this I’m using this app. This app can be a resource for any class that you write paper in. On a Computer you will have to buy the software this app is free. “This app allows me to write papers for all my classes when I don’t have a computer on me”, said Shyann Draper.

2.      Microsoft PowerPoint is like the program that is on most computer. The app is free on Apple and Android phones in the play store. You can take the work that you do anywhere. “Using this app let you transport both ways send to your computer to your phone etc.”, said Kayla Brown. You can use this for any class that you have slideshow project.

3.      Canvas by Instructure, this is a mobile app for the Canvas website. It is set up the same as the website. You can do most of the assignment that your teacher assigns. You can transfer Word,  Powerpoint document, or pictures as an assignment. You will get notifications on every assignment your teacher assigns, when they grade it, and when it is due. “Sometimes I forget when my assignment are due so used the app to remind me”, Jonovan George, a freshman at Shaw High.

Campus Portal is an app that is also a website. You can check your grades on the regular so can your parents. It’s a little different than the website to first login you have to type in the name of your school district then the state. You only have the options to look at your grades, planner, attendance, your assignments. This app will notify you when you get your grade on an assignment.