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Evolution of Shaw

    By: Alexandra Hunter


Over the years, Shaw has gone through quite a bit of change. Each year, we gain new administrators and lose old ones. These new administrators bring new routines and rules with them. Some people are easily adapting to these new people, routines, and rules, while some are not.

This year, our staff has been tightening up on the rules. “I feel like our new staff has been trying to endorse the rules a little harder and we aren’t adjusting to it well because we are not used to people being on our cases 24/7,” said Jordan Bagsby, a senior at Shaw. Recently, the rules for headphones have changed. Now, there are no headphones allowed on campus. This change has caused quite an uproar within the student body. “The staff is over doing it with some of the rules, like the headphones, for example,” said Camryn Calhoun, also a senior at Shaw.

Some students believe that the staff is bringing down Shaw. “There are plenty of people in certain positions or power that should not be there and I feel like it is messing up our school,” said senior football player, Christopher Vargas. The tone the staff gives off just doesn't motivate students anymore. “Shaw now compared to my freshman year feels way more depressing. You can feel that the teachers do not want to be here. Students want to leave. Shaw has changed tremendously,” said Akia Humber, a senior.

          Despite what most people think, some students would argue that Shaw has actually gotten better throughout the years. “The school changed a lot when we got a new administration staff last year. Our dress code is still enforced as much as it was during my freshman year, but now, we do more things as a school, like pep rallies and field trips. Even with Shaw being better now, there is still a lot of change to adapt to,” said senior, Trajan Bell.

            It will be interesting to see how much Shaw will change in the future. Change is inevitable. How we choose to deal with it is the constant. There are positives to every negative. The way you look at a certain situation will lead to how you deal with it.