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Ins and Outs of S2S

By Carla Narvaez

S2S is an organization helping new and transfer students get use to the school. It’s a fun way to meet new people and get a better experience in your high school year. It’s a welcoming committee to welcome all students to the school. It’s a good club to be in if you are feeling alone or not involved in the school.

            This is a new club, it just started this year so many people may not know a whole lot yet. But the ambassadors of the club want to change that. One of the ambassadors, Neyshmarie Cruz says, “S2S is a way to reach who may not have the resources to get involved in school.” The members of the club want it to grow and achieve their goals. Andi Williams states, “New students will be informed about the club when they arrive at the school either by a member or the advisors of the club.”

They already have had their first meeting on Wednesday, September 27. They discussed who the members were and did fun games to get to know the new schools. They had drinks and food as well. Williams says, "In our meetings we are going to discuss the next steps in our club and see what events we will have." Mrs. Torres also adds, " If anyone wants to join see me or Mrs. Alexander to join." Each meeting will be different and have different games and information to listen too.

Many of the decisions are made by the students of the club.Mrs. Alexander states, "I'm glad we have this club and it's a student based club." This club is for the students and is ran by the students. The advisors are there for adult purpose but all the ideas are from the members of the club. So, every student should feel safe and free to say what they want and to get the point of view across. The members would try their best to have a good club and make the new members and students enjoy it.

The school have had numerous of new students and the list keeps growing. New people which means new members. The members want everyone to feel included and welcomed to the school so they can enjoy their years of high school. You won't get these years back so S2S wants you to have the best years possible.