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5 tips to a better Instagram feed

By Matt Olson


Majority of teenagers spend 9 hours a day on social media, viewing, liking, sharing, all kinds of things to keep them entertained. But how do you catch someone's attention with your posts?  Some Instagram users take pride and time in how their Instagram feed flows and appears to viewers and followers. All aspects of creativity and art are put into how people show off their life in a stylish way just by the pictures they post, which Instagram offers. If you’re finding yourself in the situation of not liking your current feed and want to switch it up, take these tips from fellow Instagram users.


1)    High quality pictures. Non-blurry, good pixel photos will always catch people's eye, a lot of photographers rely on Instagram to show off their work, “I wanna be a surf photographer when I grow up, having an artsy feed will impress people and make them see my work and show them my skill and talent level,” said by Eddy Lucas, an ocean photographer.


  1. Vibrant appearance. “Certain organized colors usually attract followers or the types of posts I post” was mentioned by feed artist, Jayna Castro. Drawing in a crowd isn’t easy, but when you have certain colors that all flow together the viewer is motivated to explore.


  1. Aspect of others. Cody Okiyama, a fellow photographer explains, “How the people are going to interpret the work and how they will see it,” As he further explains he more than tries to please the viewer, but inspire. Seeing what the current trend is or what people are getting hyped about will help how you create something to post.


  1. Organization. The way you structurize and how you flow with your feed can be crucial, being creative and thinking outside of the box is something to try, “I use odd pictures together. People try to use colors that would match, I try to make a green type of picture and place it next to a street art portrait I took with vibrant colors and when next to each other I feel like it would catch the eye in a different way than usual.” explained by Okiyama.


  1. Caption. When posting “I try to use a good catchy caption,” is explained by Lucas. Try to relate the caption with your picture, it can be with the color if it’s showing, what the main object is, basically the caption should match the theme.


If you have an idea and feel you’d enjoy seeing it, go out and make it yourself. Showing off what you’re capable of is never wrong, these Instagram users do it everyday. Following these tips will help you feel better about your feed and could inspire others. Get creative, and get posting!