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Fall Activities

By: Hannah London


As fall approaches the atmosphere starts to change, it starts to get a little cooler and a lot more festive around.  The feeling you get around this time is warm and fuzzy, and always relaxing. With our summer coming to an end and fall beginning doesn’t mean all the fun will be ending. With fall it brings many more fun things to look forward to in and outside of school.

One thing that comes with fall is something we all can participate in is... homecoming!! It’s a time to dress up and have fun with all your friends and show some school spirit. During fall students have homecoming week to look forward to with five dress up days, pep rally, football game, and most importantly a dance at the end to wrap it all up. "I love homecoming week with it’s a time to have fun with all my friend, representing our softball team, and showing some school spirt while doing it" said student athlete Moana Leo. So don’t forget about your school spirt and all the activities that come with it this fall.

Another thing many kids are looking forward to are Haunted houses... With fall comes Halloween, and with that comes lots and lots of haunted things. There are so many places around us that’s it hard to choose from. Many people love Six flags around this time, they have everything from a haunted house to many rides and things to give you a scare. Like high school junior Antonia Trimiar  said "Six flags was super fun and convenient to go to last year for my friends and I, there were lots of fun rides and well... lots of scary things like clowns... and that awesome haunted house". There's many more nearby like Popes and 13 stories. So, if you just happen to not plans one weekend pop by one of these places and see if you can make it through.

Lastly what is fall without pumpkin craving and pickin'? On a laid-back day with nothing to do go grab some friends and drive out to one of the many pumpkin patches near you. There's more than just going to pick the 'perfect' pumpkin, "they have cool activities like hayrides, corn mazes, and cool picture opportunities" said Amber London college senior. It's the perfect place for bonding and awesome memories with friends... oh and don’t forget about that perfect Instagram shot while you're there. Then after you get your pumpkin go home and carve the perfect jack o'lantern for your door steps.

Fall has so many fun things to offer to us here in our own town or just outside of Columbus. You have everything from the fun things that come with just school to awesome haunted house that will give you a good scare. Just choose one, go out and enjoy the season with a little extra fun.