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Cuffing Season

By Shelby Do

With the leaves changing colors and the smell of pumpkin spice filling the slightly cooler air, fall is officially commencing the start of cuffing season. "Cuffing season" refers to the cold frigid months of fall through winter that causes people to seek for that special someone to spend it with. So what is cuffing anyway? According to Jordan Long, "Cuffing is when two people are committed to their relationship. You're handcuffing yourself to another person." But what is it about those cold, long months that makes it almost seem necessary to find someone to spend it with? Essentially, people find themselves wanting to stay indoors more often to keep warm. "When it's cold, people have no one to cuddle with and that's when it's time to cuff," says Wesley Johnson.

Although the concept sounds fairly simple, cuffing could, in some cases, be harder than it seems. Finding someone that suits your standards is easier said than done. What is everyone looking for these days, anyway? Sophomore Kianna Ayala says that, in a boy, she looks "for a nice smile that comes with a great sense of humor." Khyron Jenkins looks for "a pretty girl with a sweet personality."

Cuffing during this time period means more indoor dates (AKA netflix-and-chill). Sweatpants paired with their boyfriends hoodies is every girl's go to outfit when it comes to indoor date nights. Lazy late night dates are more common during cuffing season. Snuggling up under somebody else is the best way to keep warm. "Order pizza, watch Netflix, and just vibe," encourages Laikyn Perry, who is in a relationship with a fellow raider. "Just being around them is enough."

But how does one know when to cuff? When's the right time to do it? "After establishing a sense of trust," explains junior Thomas Evans. "It won't happen until a special bond is built." So should you wait a long time before actually cuffing? Evans doesn't seem to think so. "Girls don't like waiting," he continues, "they'll move on after too long."

It's time to jump on the bandwagon and find yourself someone to spend the cold nights and family holidays with. Having someone to steal the occasional hoodie from is a necessity- and who knows? Maybe their tv is nice too.