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Stressed Out

By: Schae Morton


High school is a time to find yourself, to figure out who you are and what you want to contribute to this earth. Finding yourself is difficult when you’re stressed out to the point that you’ve lost all motivation to work hard and do well. School is supposed to be a place to enlarge your creative mind and help you go through life as working-class citizen. Sometimes the journey to become that person is difficult and stress inducing.

Laelah McEntire, a tenth grader at Shaw, stated that on a scale from one to ten (based on her stress levels) she is at a ten. Though McEntire is not a part of any clubs she would like to be, "I would like to be in many clubs but I just can't. I have few of AP classes, which is a lot of work and still have to do work at home and worry about a million other things" McEntire stated. Sometimes stress can lead to lack of motivation in the classroom or just in general, "I hardly feel any motivation to do school work. Sometimes I feel that the work is overwhelming and it's all too much" McEntire said. This the case for schools across the world, students are going to school feeling overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, and stressed “Sometimes I have to sacrifice my health for school. I can’t get behind in my classes or else I’ll be even more stressed so I just put up with not feeling well” McEntire explained. Though McEntire has plenty of friends and enjoys learning school to her is “Stress, just stress. At first school was fun and I enjoyed being in a classroom but now its all about doing assignments and getting a grade, hardly anything is fun anymore.”. Sometimes school can just make you want to walk away from it all, but by law until one is 16 they must stay in school.

Josh Roberson is a busy senior at Shaw with a lot on his plate and little to no time. School administrators claim they try not to stress their students out and Roberson had one comment on how the faculty could help with the stress levels “Even if I gave a suggestion I doubt theyd actually take anything I say into consideration because most of them just don’t care”. Roberson commented that school made him feel stupid, stressed, nervous, and unconfident, sadly this is not what teachers or administrators aim for. Dropping out of school has never been an option according to Roberson. Luckily Roberson is about to fly free and become a working class citizen, but the question is “Was he adequately prepared for the next phase of his life?”

Sophia Greene is a junior at Shaw and knows the stress of high school all too well. Greene is a part of Drama club and would like to be in more clubs if she had the time. “Sometimes I do feel like I need to go to school despite feeling like I’m going to faint at any second and teachers don’t seem to care about how stressed I am”. Greene mentioned that she has stayed up until 1am doing work and while doing the homework lost motivation to finish her work. “Teachers don’t care about my stress, they call it ‘Time Management’ and say that we are lazy” Greene stated. A study was done this year about the stress levels of teens, "The report warns that teens are at risk of a variety of physical and emotional ills and potentially shorter lifespans than their elders if they don't act to "reverse their current trajectory of chronic illness, poor health and shorter lifespans." Stated an article on ‘USA TODAY’. Following this report, "As a result of stress, 40% of teens report feeling irritable or angry; 36% nervous or anxious. A third say stress makes them feel overwhelmed, depressed or sad.”

The stress levels of students in school is at an alarming number. Some have reported that their teachers don’t care if they are happy or if they are learning, some say all their teachers care about is the students getting a good enough grade to leave that class. Students shouldn’t have to feel like they are up to their necks in homework and assignments. Some suggest that schools abolish homework and try to form the classes around their students, trying to ease the blow of assignments bit by bit. Not all students are stressed but there are enough of them to ask the question “Are we working them too hard and how do they feel about school?” Though not all teachers feel apathy towards their students stress levels some do and have no regard of the stress at home also. There are students who aren’t sure where their next meal is coming from and there are students that are homeless and adding the unending stacks of work to their situation/ won’t help them cope. Maybe someday teachers will realize that a lot of work isn’t always necessary.