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This generation and what we could be

Today’s generation is smart, brilliant and has so many opportunities in life, yet still waste it. Personally, it's driving me crazy. Today we are lazy, one our phones android watching Netflix all day. Most of us have technology at our fingertips. We can look up all types of information on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. However, we choose to look up YouTube videos, that are irreverent, but some videos are helpful. We need to learn how to use our technology better and more efficiently.

  Today being on social media is actually a great thing, it gives us access to what’s going on in the world, but it can be put to better use. What if we all use our Social Media to help stop things in the world, by posting positive and spread awareness toward bullying, racism, and injustice. I'm not saying stop posting selfies, food, and memes. " I think people today don’t pot positive things on social media because the society we live in want reaction and positive post don’t get much reactions", explained Kiere Moore.

Doing something productive can help us become a better generation. We could be doing so much good in the world but yet we don’t. “I feel that my students have great potential, but that are always are their phone.”, said Mrs.Landford. We can be solving problems that haven’t been solved, inventing things for our future, learning new things to teach, use your gifts and talents to be creative, and also do something -*inspiring to raise up the generation after us to do some good. Today we’re average and can do more than what we think. When we do things, we don’t do the best of our ability. For example, you are making a PowerPoint for a grade an average person would put the information that’s just needed and call it done, but an abnormal person would add the information that’s needed and use animations, transitions and more. The person who does more than what’s needed will get a higher grade than the person who is just average. So we need to make sure for everything we do need to do it to the best of our ability. Today everything is a competition against others who can do a better this and a better that. The people who win the competition will do better in life. So do your best at everything you do. If you do your best you will be successful in life. The abnormal person will get the job other than the normal person because the abnormal leave an impression on the people that are judging. So think outside the box at all times and remember you are competing against everyone else. "I should take this advice because that where I struggle", said TJ Harvey. We don’t do our best on things that we can exceed on. Over everything else, we are smart and brilliant people. I'm not dissing my own generation, but I am trying to correct it. If we just be the amazing people we already are. This generation can do so much more than what you do now.