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New Year, Same Mission

Each year a team has a certain mission, to grow together as a team, to go up to the next level, or to get better skill wise. Shaw High School’s Lady Raiders has grown in the last four years, not just as a team but as a family.  This season they have six seniors leaving. The underclassmen have big shoes to fill, but it’s not impossible. During their four years they have managed to make it to the first round of state that was the end of their journey last year. This year they are coming back for blood.

              One of the seniors and captain of the Shaw team is Masina Solia. She has played her whole four years and is the libero, the one with a different color jersey, for the team. “The girls are my family, we are a unity,” the Solia says, “the girls have had their ups and downs but every team has had them.” She hopes this year that the team will make it to state again and make it all the way to get a ring. “We are chasing for the ring this year, we going to keep grinding until we get all the way to the top.” Solia added.The undefeated streak so far is a result of their hard work they are putting in. All the hard work they are going to put in for all the future games they have during this season.

           The Lady Raiders has been through a lot, and not a lot of people believed in them in the beginning. Now everyone can see how much these girls want it. Their improvement has shown and now they have supporters who see their potential. They play mostly Monday's, Tuesday's, and Thursday's. So come out and see the girls in their home away from home.