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How well do you know your teachers?

By: Alexandra Hunter

            It’s hard to get to know your teachers when there’s work to do in class: even the basic things aren’t talked about. For example, you may not know that one of Shaw's teacher's favorite hobby is watching WWE, or that another teacher has traveled all across the United States. These aren't things that you necessarily need to know about your teacher, but they lessen the classroom tension that is usually there. So, here are the directions: read the facts about each teacher and try to guess who it is. Once you have your guesses for all four teachers, scroll down to the bottom and see if the picture of the teacher matches your guess.

Round 1 - We're going to start off easy. This teacher is known throughout almost the whole school. What you may not know about this teacher is that he/she broke both their arms and legs when he/she was eighteen in a car wreck. "What am I most known for? My sparkling personality of course," the mystery teacher said. Unlike some teachers, this teacher actually likes their students. This teacher is also most known for selling food around the school. Now that you know all the facts, guess who this teacher is.

Round 2 - This next teacher is also well known around Shaw but not in the same way. When you walk through the Shaw hallways, you are sure to hear this teacher. This teacher is famously known for wearing her Christmas sweaters every day in the month of December. If you are lucky enough, you might get to see this teacher's Christmas card with them and their dogs on it. Back in her golden days, she sang with 2 people who are currently famous – Jennifer Nettles and Hillary Lindsey. "I'm a little bit crazy and I don’t care about what people think," this teacher said when asked how he/she was different from other teachers. Now it's time to make your guess for who this teacher is. 

Round 3 – This last teacher is also very well known around this school. This teacher came up with a term for him/herself, nerdy jock. "Students like me because I am suuuper petty," said this teacher. He/she has had 6 knee operations and 3 foot operations, so you are sure to have seen this teacher walking around on crutches. Unlike some teachers, you can actually joke around with this one. Now make your guess on who this teacher could be.

All three of these teachers are equally well known around Shaw. Now that you have read through all of the clues, you can make your guesses on which teacher goes with each paragraph. Even if you don’t have classes with any of these teachers, it's still interesting to know facts about people that not many people know. If you do have classes with these teachers, you now have a conversation topic to break the ice.