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Raider Roll Call

By: Schae Morton

            A new school year can come with new teachers. Shaw High School is a diverse and constantly moving school with new people walking in and out every minute of every hour. We can’t always track what’s new and what’s old. Though we all have seen and at least heard of the new teachers, we don’t know them all too well. The Raider Roll Call is a fun way to get to know the newest teachers at Shaw.

            First, we have Heather Haskell who teaches geometry and algebra. Mrs. Haskell has taught at the University of South Carolina Beaufort, Savannah Technical College and a high school in Savannah. She loves NCAA football and cheers for the Georgia Bulldogs, but the rest of her family roots for Alabama. Usually when you ask someone what instrument they play, you would get plain answers like piano or the violin but if you ask Mrs. Haskell, she will tell you that she enjoys to play the bagpipes. When eating Mrs. Haskell has only one rule: do not let the food touch. Mrs. Haskell is a teacher for a reason she enjoys young people “They have so much life, fun, and potential within them and I like to see them grow throughout their high school years”. Since Mrs. Haskell has only been at Shaw for a few weeks she already feels as though the faculty is helpful and nice. Thank you for coming to Shaw Mrs.Haskell!

Shakespeare, Poe, and Twain some of the literature greats which are talked about in every high school. Ms. Spradlin teaches the greats with energy and a vibrancy about teaching. Both of Ms. Spradlin’s parents were teachers so she followed in their footsteps. Mrs. Spradlin is both an artist and a great teacher, walking into her room gives you a sense of calm vibes and an energy to learn. She expects that her students will open their minds and grow to think outside of the box. She loves being able to watch the progression of her students throughout the year and just that alone motivates her to come to work every day. Whenever Ms. Spradlin encounters a group of students she always wants to make them aware of the fact that there is mutual respect between them, she will always treat her students like human beings and nothing less. Something that not many people know about Ms. Spradlin is that she used to play the flute and that she is an amazing artist. The calligraphy in her classroom is a work of art and when she was in high school at Hardaway she was in the art honor society and was always asked to sign the bottom in her seamless calligraphy. She would like the faculty and students of Shaw to know “I was almost an interior decorator and the creative side of me will come out in anything that I do,” Ms. Spradlin is welcomed to Shaw with open arms.

Being bilingual is a trait that is looked for everywhere, Mrs. Sinclair teaches Spanish at Shaw and when you walk into her classroom the colors and positive vibes can get you excited about learning. She is motivated to teach because she wants to influence others and before she even thought about teaching she herself says that she had amazing teachers that made her want to teach. She motivates her students with games and music. Mrs. Sinclair loves to travel, take photos, and work on her garden. She can play the ukulele and describes herself as “Cat lady”. She loves Netflix especially “Stranger Things” and has a cat named “Eleven”. Being new to Shaw can be hard but Mrs. Sinclair says “The faculty is very helpful and nice”. Shaw welcomes Mrs. Sinclair and hopes she will be here for the long run.

Although the few new teachers have only been at Shaw for a little while, we have greatly been affected by their presence. Students all over the school are already describing the new teachers as “Lenient and respectable”, new teachers mean new opportunities to learn. So respect your teachers and remember It’s Great to Be a Shaw Raider!