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iPhones Take Over Photography

By: Hannah London





Over the course of the years photography has evolved a ton. Back in the 1960s it was very uncommon for a ton of people to have the equipment and knowledge to produce photographs. Now days we have tons of digital technology and resources to allow us to create more images, but better. We now have access to hundreds of books and videos on the art of photography. Also, with new editing programs to improve, and change things within our pictures.

Today in 2017 we have the beloved iPhone... Precisely, the iPhone 7. This new technology with phone camera capabilities has gotten more and more people into photography, because it's simple and in their hands, and on the go. Like Bryan Redmond said, "it's all about the background, you're trying to make it pop," which the creators of iPhone have successfully done. The images are almost as sharp as if you used a DSLR camera to take them. With this device it brings the art of photography to everyone's hands without the hassle of carrying around a DSLR and having to learn different specs about cameras.

This brings me to this question, will this new technology with phones effect professionals in the business? With all the tools professionals have now you would think it shouldn’t, but why would they pay hundreds of dollars when they the same capabilities at the tip of their fingertips? Matt Olson said "it won't affect professionals at all, the iPhone is just a startup it won't be able to compete with certain lens and cameras", professionals have many different tools to use that 'iPhone photographers' do not. Professionals have the knowledge and capabilities to change anything they want in their photographs. They know what does and doesn’t look right, it goes as far as lighting, rule of thirds, and one of the major things editing.

From the perspective of an everyday 'iPhone photographer' this is all they need. Like Amber London, fashion merchandizing major, uses her iPhone 7 for all her unique post on her blog, it keeps it simple while still very appealing to the eyes. In the fashion world looks are everything, and her phones keeps everything looking sharp. As she states "It has opened photography to everyone thus making it more popular. This has also caused an upsurge in social media platforms for most of them have something to do with photography". London doesn’t see the need in a camera when she has a great on the go device that takes all the thought away from photography. The high quality also led her to say "its effected professionals by putting them out of business and making them now adapt more".

With that being said, the new technology is great for everyday on the go type of people, even those in the industry. Although with it you don’t have the knowledge for editing and lighting... The phone itself does some of that for you. Whether you just absolutely love having it at the click of the button, nothing will compare with somebody putting their heart and soul into their work.