ALTV News 2015-2016

Season 5
9-14-15 Canyon Creek wildfire. Introduce ALTV crew. Cross-country. Science in Action. Interview with Mrs. Mills. Can you spell Armand Larive? Anchors: Briana and Jasleen. (Episode 1 - 15:01)
9-28-15 Supermoon lunar eclipse. Volleyball. Interview with principal Stacie Roberts. Desktop Puppy replay. Interview with 6th graders. Closing: shots of the lunar eclipse. Anchors Kora and Kylee. (Episode 2 - 12:44)
10-12-15 Football and volleyball. Student home builders. Anchors: Kaleb and DelMar. (Episode 3 - 8:14)
11-2-15 Interview with Mr. Warner. Football: ALMS vs. Sandstone. Pawpride assemblies. Science in Action. Paws on Track fundraiser. Anchors: Rachel and Herlinda. (Episode 4 - 13:22)
11-18-15 Art student. Sports update. Sky-high physics teacher. Anchors: James and Landon. (Episode 5 - 9:40)
12-11-15 Introduce 2nd quarter ALTV crew. Medical story. Basketball update: AAU and ALMS. Anchors: Kora and Jenna. (Episode 6 - 10:50)
1-11-16 Interview with Mrs. Waterland. ALTV promo. Interview with Peace Poster Contest statewide winner. Science in Action trailer. Livestream schedule. Interview with Mrs. Rosenberg. Closing - OSU/UO Civil War parade. Anchors: Grace and Daytona. (Episode 7 - 12:11)
1-19-16 Science in Action. Frog Dissection. Martin Luther King Jr. How do you pronounce "Larive"? Beginning video production class bloopers. Anchors: Mya and Natalya. (Episode 8 - 11:41)
2-24-16 Introduce 3rd quarter ALTV crew. PSA (Speak out against bullying. Basketball update. Respond with kindness (fight against cancer). Anchors: Alyssa and Lyly. (Episode 9 - 8:30)
3-7-16 Career Choices Day. Interview with Tracci Dial of KNDU-TV. ALTV Promo. Preparing for STN Convention. Anchors: Jenna and Kylee. (Episode 10 - 8:19)
3-28-16 Special Report: Trip to Atlanta. Tours of CNN and Coca-Cola. STN Convention: ESE Networks awards, ALTV's video contest entries. Science in Action. Anchors: Lyly and Alyssa. (Episode 11 - 16:51)
4-4-16 Pawpride assemblies. Interviews with three teachers: Mr. Joyce, Mrs. White, and Mrs. Allstott. 1st place middle school spot feature at the STN Convention. Anchors: Logan and Michelle. (Episode 12 - 9:46)
4-29-16 Introduce 4th quarter crew. Track meet. STN Convention: winning entry from JSTV (Hawaii). Closing: momentum lab in science class. Anchors: Abby and Jackson. (Episode 13 - 8:02)
5-11-16 Interview with 395 Quick Stop. Music concert. ASB winning entry story. Closing: roller coaster lab in science class. Anchors: Kenzie and Grace  (Episode 14 - 10:59)
5-26-16 Live show from the Knowledge Fair. Butte Challenge Fundraiser. Live interviews with staff and students. Individual roller coaster presentations. Anchors: Keeva and Herlinda. (Episode 15 - 19:40)
6-6-16 Special weather message on heat wave. Morning announcements. Knowledge Fair highlights. Educator of the Year. Science in Action. Opinions of SmarterBalanced test. Anchor bloopers. Anchors: Logan and Alyssa. (Episode 16 - 17:54)