ALTV News 2014-2015

Season 4
9-8-14 Oregon wildfires. Science in Action. Anchors: Alex and Amber. (Episode 1 - 9:50)
9-22-14 Introduce the 1st quarter ALTV crew. Cross country meet. Live stream sports schedule. Interview with students on the start of the year. Trip to Frenchglen, Oregon. Anchors: Katie and Morgan. (Episode 2 - 9:09)
10-7-14 Interview with new math teacher. Sports report on volleyball and football. Barbie doll bungee jumping. Anchors: Mati and Alex. (Episode 3 - 13:57)
11-3-14 Model school. ALTV live streams football game. Sports report. Battle of the Books and ALTV promos. School news. Science in Action. Sequoia National Park. ALTV thanks KOHU's Erick Olson. Anchors: Lili and Sydney. (Episode 4 - 18:36)
12-1-14 5A state football championship highlights. Career fair. Commercial. Interview with Mrs. Wilson. Anchors: Alexis and Heidi. (Episode 5 - 11:26)
12-8-14 Introduce 2nd quarter ALTV crew. The Jar of Memories. Interview with the staff of KOHU/KQFM in Hermiston. Anchor bloopers. Anchors: Fredy and Rene. (Episode 6 - 11:41)
12-19-14 Live show. Band and choir concert. Christmas trailer. Interviews with staff and students. Merry Christmas closing. Anchors: Savannah and Mykah. (Episode 7 - 8:58)
1-12-15 Beginning video production class. Sports update. Commercial for student store. Movie trailer. Tips on keeping fit during Winter. Anchors: Dillon and Santiago. (Episode 8 - 11:09)
1-20-15 Science in Action trailer, visit to the optometrist. Anchors: Jose and Landon. (Episode 9 - 10:45)
2-9-15 Sports update. Educator of the Year. Robotics tournament. Pawpride assembly. Anchors: Alex and Kaitlynn. (Episode 10 - 15:26)
3-2-15 1A basketball tournament. Career Day. Anchors: Thomas and Katie. (Episode 11 - 14:07)
4-6-15 Wrestling. ALTV promo. Bridge builders. Salt and sand separation. Anchors: Matters and Devon. (Episode 12 - 7:47)
4-20-15 Introduce 4th quarter ALTV crew. Pawpride assembly. Student Television Network convention and awards. PJ dance. Classified Employee of the Year. Science in Action. Anchor bloopers. Anchors: Megan and Alyssa. (Episode 13 - 15:34)
5-7-15 Track team. Anti-bully commercial. Desktop puppy commercial. 5th grade visit. Point Arena lighthouse. Anchors: Patrick and Jack. (Episode 14 - 9:24)
6-1-15 Live Season finale. Earthquake off Oregon coast. Opinions on the new mandated tests. Opinions on cell phones. La Crosse. What's your best joke? Anchors: Matters and Devin, Taylor and Alexis, Patrick and Ian, Lina and Dani, Rene and Courtney, Elizabeth and Jasliy. (Episode 15 - 9:04)