ALTV News 2011-2012

Season 1
1-30-12 Premiere of the "new" ALTV and its debut on the internet. Glow in the Dark dance. Sports update. Educator of the Year. Anchors: Jessica and Hannah. (Episode 1 - 11:00)
2-6-12 Basketball and trip to Oregon State. Pawpride assembly and skits. No cell phone skit. Anchors: Ayleen and Alondra. (Episode 2 - 15:34)
2-13-12 Winter storm. Lunch ladies. Mentor Day. Anchors: Ansley and Kimberly. (Episode 3 - 13:16)
2-21-12 Career Day. Interview with KEPR-TV. Anchors: Emily and Caleb. (Episode 4 - 20:45)
2-27-12 Classified Employee of the Year. Spirit assembly. Anchors: Jessica and Hannah. (Episode 5 - 15:17)
3-5-12 Interview with Officer Wilson. District music concert. Skit: What not to do in football. Anchors: Ayleen and Alondra. (Episode 6 - 11:04)
3-12-12 Winter storm. Skit: What not to do in basketball. Anchors: Ansley and Kimberly. (Episode 7 - 10:52))
3-19-12 Band potato bar fundraiser. Skit: What not to do in volleyball. Interview with the principal. Anchors: Alondra and Ayleen. (Episode 8 - 9:10)
3-23-12 Battle of the Books. Anchors: Alondra and Hannah. (Episode 9 - 8:01)
4-9-12 Egg drop. Skit: XBTV's report. Skits: What not to do in soccer and wrestling. Closing: ALTV crew thanks Mr. Doherty. Anchor bloopers. Anchors: Kimberly and Emily. (Episode 10 - 14:59)
4-16-12 Interview with Mr. Harshberger. Tennis update. Anchors: Makayla and Skyler. (Episode 11 - 11:02)
4-23-12 8th grade trip to HHS. Pawpride assembly. U.S. Airforce Mobility Band. Anchors: Cameo and Ricardo. (Episode 12 - 14:22)
4-30-12 Luau dance. Interview with track coach. Skit: What not to do in tennis. Anchors: Brady and Skyler. (Episode 13 - 11:55)
5-7-12 Anchor's birthday. Marching band trip to Wenatchee. Anchors: Arturo and Ashlynne. (Episode 14 - 20:08)
5-14-12 Engineering project: building bridges. Egg drop. Skit: Talent show auditions. Anchors: Maddie and Myra. (Episode 15 - 16:51)
5-21-12 Parachute project. Rollercoaster presentations. 5th grade visit. Closing: anchor caught singing. Anchors: Ashlynne and Myra. (Episode 16 - 9:34)
5-29-12 Music concert. Skit: Fun facts. OAKS recognition ceremony. Rollercoaster presentations. Anchor blooper. Anchors: Ricardo and Wyatt. (Episode 17 - 13:36)
6-5-12 Rollercoaster projects. Knowledge Fair. Skit: What not to do on school property. Bullpup Olympics. Summer sendoff. Anchors: Brandon and Braeden, Brady and Skyler, Makayla and Maddie, Ashlynne and Myra, Jordon and Wyatt, Ayleen and Diana, Cameo and Emily. (Episode 18 - 23:48)