Season 7 (2017-18)

Season 7
9-18-17 Introduce the 1st quarter ALTV crew. Wildfire smoke in Hermiston. Solar eclipse of 2017. International Boundary Marker #1. Flash flood in Big Bend National Park. Visit to Boquillas, Mexico. Anchors: Angelina and Analee. (Episode 1 - 15:00)
10-18-17 Vocabulary trivia: What's that word? Tranisiton promo. Favorite flavor of ice cream. ALMS Street Party. Anchors: Connor and Joana. (Episode 2 - 7:37)
10-30-17 Train museum. What I want my teachers to know. Autism helper and coach. Anchor bloopers. Anchors: Kira and Katherine. (Episode 3 - 16:16)
11-21-17 Introduce the 2nd quarter ALTV crew. Student testing at ALMS. Paws on Track fundraiser. Transition segment. Thoughts on Thanksgiving. Anchors: Kira and Cidney. (Episode 4 - 9:17)
12-19-17 Holiday music concert. Opinions on the school's "no backpacks in the classroom" rule. Educator of the Year. ALTV behind the scenes. The meaning of Christmas. Anchors: Connor and Sam. (Episode 5 - 19:13)
2-5-18 Phone use during lunch. Alkaline water: Is it better for you? Should we have more sports offerings in school? Anchors: Nathan and Landon. (Episode 6 - 6:48)
3-9-18 Introduce 3rd quarter ALTV crew. Cooking class at Hermiston High School. Crowded hallways. Tongue twisters. Anchors: Nathan P and Nathen F. (Episode 7 - 10:47)
3-22-18 Is the school dress code applied fairly to everyone? Highlights of the Student Television Network Convention in Nashville. Lifting people up. Anchors: Leilani and Analee. (Episode 8 - 17:25)
5-7-18 Introduce 4th quarter ALTV crew. Marching Band and Color Guard march in The Dalles. Rattlesnake Ridge landslide. Riddles. Anchor bloopers. Anchors: Alondra and America. (Episode 9 - 11:12) [Close captioned]
5-21-18 Nutrition and excercise: Fuel Up To Play 60 program. Name that song. 8th grade thoughts on going to high school. Anchors: Marilyn and Hailey. (Episode 10  - 8:05) [Close captioned]
6-7-18 ALTV News: Gun safety and schools.ntroduce 4th quarter ALTV crew. Availability of water. Is the 4-minute passing time between classes long enough? 5th graders visit ALMS. Favorite memories. Students share their plans for the summer. Transition: Science in Action. Morning Announcements and weather forecast. Anchors: Mayson, Janelle, Angelina, Kira, Amy, Connor, Samantha, Analee, and Emma. (Episode 11 - 21:02) [Edited from original live show.]